Which steroids are best for building muscle?

A lot of newcomers among athletes, bodybuilders, heavyweights, powerlifters, starting to play sports, dream of a beautiful and pumped body. To get relief and powerful muscles, some activities are not enough. Then athletes look for helpers in building muscle and find the best injections for muscle growth or an oral remedy for rapid weight gain. Such a solution is to quickly pump up, they succeed, of course, with high-quality chemistry – pills or injections. Many may argue that this is harmful and stupid, and immediately abandon this kind of venture. Others see steroids as a chance to gain a beautiful figure with which to conquer the competition. When mass gaining courses without steroids are not successful, anabolic drugs for gaining muscle mass are the best solution. An increase in muscle mass is recommended not only for athletes, but also for people who suffer from certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Weight gain per month can vary from 7 to 11 kg.

At the heart of bodybuilding and bodybuilding is muscle growth. Pharma for the recruitment of lean muscle has long been in demand among athletes. The main task is to choose the right anabolic for weight gain in order to accelerate the process of improving the body.

What drugs to quickly gain muscle mass?

A large assortment of drugs is presented on the pharmaceutical market, among which anabolic steroids have a special place. Their use allows you to gain weight at a rapid pace, which cannot be done only with the help of physical activity alone. It is important to remember that gaining muscle mass very quickly is not the best option, because it cannot do without consequences. Any steroids are not only beneficial, but also harmful to health. You can gain muscle mass as quickly as possible in different ways.

What is the advantage of anabolic steroids

Which drug can be used quickly to gain weight is not difficult to find out. It is enough to go to the online store of sports pharmacology and, with the advice of a sports coach, choose the right remedy for yourself. The weight gain drug offers many benefits that are not difficult to appreciate. These include:  

  • Lean muscle mass is quickly gained;
  • Strength indicators increase;
  • Overall endurance improves;
  • It has an analgesic effect ;
  • Accelerate the process of tissue regeneration after heavy physical exertion;
  • Help improve muscle memory
  • Allows the athlete to quickly return to duty after interrupting constant training.

Anyone can buy steroids for weight gain, be it a beginner or an experienced professional athlete. A good steroid for gaining lean muscle mass will not keep you waiting long for the result. Within a few months, the body will be in perfect shape.

Anabolic Muscle Gains Are the Best Option

Which steroid is good for weight gain is up to whoever takes it. Most often these are testosterone preparations, which show good results. Athletes often ask themselves the question, with which pills, injections can you gain weight, or maybe there is a course for a set of mass gains ? They are also concerned about other questions: how much will steroids cost? What is the best anabolic steroid on the market?

With the help of a pill you can gain weight?

The answer is very simple and we will analyze the most popular options among athletes.

  • Testosterone is the main active component of many steroids. The ideal steroid for weight gain is testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate , which must be taken in a course. It helps to acquire the kind of lean muscle mass that will be visible in good terrain. The muscle building steroid has disadvantages as it converts to estrogens. While this is a good farm for gaining weight, it is worth using it with caution. May cause testicular atrophy.
  • Methane or Danabol is in an honorable second place in the ranking among the popular anabolic steroids for weight gain. Rumor has it in sports circles that this farm on muscle growth has a detrimental effect on the human body. But, practice proves the opposite . The correct dosage regimen of the preparation of a set of dry muscle mass will effectively speed up the process. At the same time , the agent has a low androgenic effect. One of the disadvantages is the pronounced rollback phenomenon, which is observed after the end of the steroid course for a set of dry mass. The situation can be corrected by taking an antiestrogen .
  • Nandrolone , Deca is the leader in its category, a weight gain steroid. Nevertheless, such a course for gaining muscle mass is prohibited in many countries! It is widely used as a means of rapid weight gain among athletes. It does not aromatize, is non-toxic, highly effective, remains in the blood for a long time, is determined by a doping test after a long time.
  • Turinabol is the best farm for gaining lean muscle mass and is slightly similar to testosterone. In the process, you can gain a good body weight in a month. Does not show severe side effects, which include gynecomastia and fluid retention. With prolonged use, it has a toxic effect on the liver.
  • Oxymetholone is a powerful weight gain farm . The best variation, it differs from others in its unique ability – a steroid that quickly helps to gain muscle mass in a short period of time. Increases strength. However , it has strong side reactions, is hepatotoxic , and causes hormonal disruptions.
  • Sustanon is a unique anabolic for gaining muscle mass, consisting of several testosterone esters, each of which acts at a specific time. Many professional athletes love him, because he does not require injections often.
  • Trenbolone (TriTren) – the most effective pills for recruitment and increasing the weight. It affects IGF levels, which in turn affects anabolic activity and weight gain.
  • Boldenone or Equipoise is an ideal pharmacology course for mass gain , which has a strong effect. Its task is to trigger protein synthesis, due to which the weight begins to increase actively.

What to choose – a steroid in pills for gaining muscle mass or an injection, which gives a quick weight gain – is an individual decision, but in any case, if approached with intelligence and responsibility, it is completely justified. Chemistry helps to pump up quickly not only for beginners, but also for experienced athletes.