Best Places to Get Pizza in Fitzroy

The hipster suburb of Fitzroy, Melbourne, is home to several popular Italian restaurants, and many of these take their names from famous Italian pizza joints. In fact, pizza has become an Australian institution, thanks to the many immigrants who arrived in Australia from Italy during the 1970s. Despite this fact, many people still view pizza as Italian food, despite its distinctly Australian flavour. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite places to get pizza in Fitzroy.

The Queen Margaret Pizzeria is a good option for those looking for a more traditional Italian experience. It has a friendly staff and average prices. You can also grab takeaway food at Queen Margaret. However, be aware that it’s not the only pizzeria in Fitzroy. Check out the reviews and pick your favourite! There are plenty of other places to eat in the neighbourhood. If you are looking for a unique experience, try the nearby BYO Pizzeria.

Bimbo Pizzeria is an Italian diner that serves cheap pizzas and is famous for its giant Kewpie baby doll. The bar and pizzeria has recently rebranded itself as Kewpie. The restaurant will continue to offer the same low prices and original menu. During the rebranding, the owners will remain the same, but the name will change to reflect its new name. The best places to eat pizza in Fitzroy will remain the same.

Queen Margaret is another great pizzeria in Fitzroy 

The place is near the Centre for Contemporary Photography. It offers a wide range of Italian cuisine. The prices here are reasonable, and the atmosphere is cool. In addition to pizza, the restaurant offers other Italian dishes, as well as other Italian cuisine. If you’re after an authentic Italian meal, you can try Bimbo Pizzeria, which is popular for its cheap and delicious food.

For a more eco-friendly pizzeria, Crust is one of the best options in Fitzroy. The restaurant uses sustainable cooking methods, and its vegan sausages are a great choice for vegetarians. Its average prices and cool ambience make it an ideal choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly pizzeria. This is one of the best places to get pizza in Fitzroy, and it is located near the Centre for Contemporary Photography.

If you’re looking for a cheap, family-friendly pizzeria, Queen Margaret is the best place to grab a slice. It has average prices and a cool atmosphere. You can also get a tasty takeaway from Crust. It has received high ratings on Google and has a great reputation. It is also a great place for a night out. Its re-opened in November and is the perfect choice for pizza lovers.

For an authentic Italian pizza in Fitzroy, you must visit Queen Margaret. It is a popular spot near the Centre for Contemporary Photography and is known for its cheap pizzas. You can also take away food from the restaurant. Its average prices and cool atmosphere make it a good choice for a romantic dinner in the evening. If you want to try a local Italian restaurant, there are a few more places in Fitzroy that are worth visiting.

If you want to have a pizza in Fitzroy, you can visit Bimbo, which is popular for its cheap pizzas. The re-opening of the restaurant on November 8 will make the pizzeria famous in the neighborhood. The new name, Kewpie, will retain the old name and menu, which is a good sign for people who love pizzerias. It is a good place to grab a slice if you’re craving Italian food.

Function rooms in Fitzroy, you can try Italian cuisine and takeaway food. You can also go to the Crust pizzeria in nearby Queen Margaret. This pizzeria is famous for its friendly staff and cheap pizzas. If you’re a local, you can enjoy a nice pizza in Fitzroy at its newest location. It is known for its delicious pizzas, and a good place to get it is near the center of the city.

Those who love pizza can’t go wrong with Connie’s. A classic Italian restaurant, Connie’s offers giant slices made to order. The pie here is deep-pan and served with minimal toppings. While the Grandma Slice comes with a square-cut deep-pan pie, it’s also filled with cheese, oregano and chilli. For the best pizza in Fitzroy, you’ll definitely need to make a reservation!